Delorme InReach SE – Activation Fail! – update

Very excited today to get the Delorme (now owned by Garmin) InReach SE.  The plan is to use this on my hikes for SOTA/ADK Fire Tower Challenge, track my progress, share my tracks, and have an way to make an emergency contact or SOS if the need arises.

Although there is a new version of the InReach coming out any day now called the SE +, I decided that I did not need the upgraded features of the new + model since I have also purchased a new GPS, which is on its way.

I just got home from my ARES/RACES Meeting and could not wait to open the package from Amazon that was waiting for me.

I unboxed the InReach SE and it looks great.  Read the instructions and turned the device on to start the activation.  I fill out the online form, pick the subscription, and then click the “Activate” button…..



Try looking at this screen for an hour!!  While standing outside in 15 degree weather at 10pm at night.  Did I have a clear view of the sky?  Absolutely!

As of 10:40 tonight.  I have decided to turn the device off via a soft boot and start again.



This is what I call the InReach Screen of Death.

My next step will be to call support and see what the problem is but it is getting late and it will probably have to wait until morning.

What a complete disappointment.  Hopefully the guys at Garmin or Delorme will get me up and running tomorrow.

Very disappointed.

UPDATE:  This morning I received a notification via email that my InReach support ticket had been resolved.  However, I never submitted any ticket.  This tells me that the Support Folks and Delorme/Garmin became aware of my problem and got to work fixing it.

Sure enough, I brought the SE outside, turned it on and within about 5 min the device was fully activated.  And it works like a charm.  I will plan to do a full review this weekend.

Thank you Delorme/Garmin!

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