Hiking the Black River Trail to prep for SOTA/ADK Firetower Challenge

It was 52 degrees here in Watertown, NY today.  For the middle of February, this is down right balmy. A great day to be outside.

I have been adding miles by walking the streets of Watertown multiple times a week, averaging about 12 miles a week.  I am now changing my training and looking to add miles, and to start carrying a backpack to add load for strength and endurance.

So with the beautiful weather, my wife and I decided to hike the Black River Trail in Black River NY.

The trail head starts on Woodard Road directly off of RT 3.  The trail follows the Black River for about 4 miles.  We have never been on this trail before so we did not know what to expect.

Once we got past the trail head we quickly realized that the trail had been walked on extensively during the day and the snow was slushy and really difficult to walk on.  We had to deal with this slush for about a mile.  Because not many people had gone past a mile, the trail quickly changed to deep, heavy, and wet snow.

Regardless of how difficult the trail was to walk, we saw some beautiful scenery which made it completely worth the trip.

The river had only a little ice on the banks and was absolutely beautiful.  We could hear the runoff from the hill flowing into the river.

About 2 miles on the trail, we stopped for a few minutes to take a rest.  Then decided to turn around and head back.

Carrying the 30lb back pack really made the hike a challenge.  Especially in the slush and the deep snow.

All in all the hike was an excellent workout.  We hope to add additional trails in the coming weeks hopefully with a little climbing.

Since the trail is a “there and back” trail, we did not walk the full length.  Next time we plan to hike the entire trail.



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