Importance of wxWidgets 2.8 and TrustedQSL on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Had a very interesting issue pop up today that I would like to share since it I did not find much info out on the web and others may experience the same problem.

I recently upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS(Trusty) to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS(Xenial) on Friday.  Interestingly enough, no major issues, just some small housekeeping items that occurred post upgrade. Or so I thought.  This morning after making a few contacts on JT65, I went into my usual routine of uploading my QSO’s to eQSL and LOTW.  The upload to eQSL went normally as it always does.  However the upload to LOTW did not.

I use CQRLOG as my primary logging application.  It works extremely well.  The upload process to eQSL, Clublog, and LOTW is very predictable and consistent.  The process for uploading QSO’s to the LOTW is easy from an end user point of view.  First, you have to sign and export the QSO’s that were not previously uploaded.  Once the export is signed, the next step is to upload the signed file up to LOTW.  CQRLOG calls Trusted QSL in the background to perform the upload to LOTW. I am currently running CQRLOG 2.0.4 and Trusted QSL 2.2.  Normally there are no issues, except today the call that CQRLOG made to tqsl failed with the error indicating that a wxWidgets library file was missing, specifically a wxWidgets 2.8 library file.  I checked my library inventory and the error was valid, I did not have that library file on my system.  I believe it must have been deleted in a post upgrade step as the file was obsoleted by a newer wxWidget library, version 3.  So I went looking for the library.  As with any Linux package system, finding older libraries can be a journey and finding the 2.8 version of wxWidgets took me about an hour after a lot of searching. About half way through my search for a package that I could use with APT, I decide to explore the  path of building from source.  Again, another fork in the road that was another journey all in itself.  Ultimately I found the package in a third party repository. Once I added the repository, I was able to successfully install the required libraries (more then one) I am including  screen shots of the repository and the packages for reference.

At this point, I am thinking my journey is over and I can get back to uploading my QSO’s up to LOTW.  Nope, another level to go through on my journey (think Dante).  I tried CQRLOG again and experienced the same error.  This was definitely not what I expected so I decided to run tqsl from the command line but now I got a new error..Progress!!  Now there was a mismatch error which indicated to me that the error might be that when I compiled Trusted QSL from source about a year ago, I might have compiled it with an older dot release 2.8.x of wxWidget than I just installed.

So I backed up my tqsl directory so I would not lose my certificates and configuration, downloaded the latest source file from ARRL and recompiled TQSL.

Voila!  Trusted QSL from the command line worked brilliantly.  Then I opened up CQRLOG again and tried the upload to LOTW — again Brilliant!  My journey ended, I made it to Paradisio!!

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