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Hello, Welcome to my blog. I am 49 years old, In October, I will be married to my lovely wife for 25 years and I have 3 awesome boys.

I got my General license in July 2015 as KD2JBI.  I upgrade almost a year later in April of 2016 to Extra and also changed my call sign to KC2DU.

My equipment consists of a Kenwood TS-480 SAT with a LDG KT-100 Autotuner, powered by a Powerwerx switching power supply model SS-30DV. For digital I also have a SignaLink USB.  I am a very dedicated Linux user and mostly use applications that run on Linux for my HAM radio like FLDIGI, FLRIG, wsjtx, and, CQRLOG as my primary tools.  For contesting or field days, I also use a Windows XP virtual machine so I can run N3FJP.  My primary HF Antenna is a Buckmaster OCF 7 Band Dipole.  I also have a Buddipole  Deluxe Antenna.  I used  my Buddipole extensively last summer at my cottage on the St. Lawrence River (AKA: The River).  I made my first contact in the UK, M1MST on 20 meters with it on my Kenwood TS-480.

For VHF/UHF, I use a Kenwood TM-D710G as my base station.  I have this connected to a beautifully made Slim Jim antenna by KB9VBR in Wisconsin.  I can effectively hit repeaters between 60 and 80 miles away from my home in Watertown, NY.  I purchased a second one that will go up at my cottage in Clayton, NY this summer.  I also use a Kenwood TM-D72A as my primary HT along with a Diamond SRH77CA antenna.

One of favorite activities on HF is JT65 and some of the other digital modes,  I am also a member of ECARS7255 and participate on that net as often as I can.  I also enjoy making voice contacts on HF when the bands allow for it.

I am also an active member of the Jefferson County RACES/ARES here in Jefferson County, NY.  It is a small but growing group of Amateur Radio Operators that are very dedicated. We also have exceptional leadership for this group along with tremendous support from Jefferson County EOC.

Looking to the future, I am planning a new activity for 2017 and that will be to climb 23 Fire Towers as part of the Fire Tower Challenge but with a twist.  I also plan to activate each tower once I am at the top.  I will keep providing updates on my Fire Tower Challenge page once I get active on that in the spring.

If you need to contact me for any reason please feel free to leave a comment or email me at Dominic.Uliano@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting my site.



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