Fire Tower Challenge!

This is a holding page for my 2017 New Years Resolution to take the Adirondack Fire Tower Challenge.  Except with a little twist.  Not only is my goal to climb the 23 Fire Towers in the Adirondacks and Catskills but my plan is to also take an HF Radio with me to activate as many of these Fire Towers with Summits On The Air.

After mapping the Fire Towers with SOTA, I found that 11 of the 18 Fire Towers in Adirondack Park and 4 of the 5 towers in the Catskills are also SOTA Summits as well.  This means that I plan to Activate 15 of the 23 as SOTA Summits and I will also activate the other Fire Towers seperately. Can’t wait to start!

I will make a new QSL Card for each Fire tower and send out paper and updated eQSL confirmations.  I also plan to keep track of who the chasers are that help me activate each fire tower.  Of course, if any other HAM wishes to join me in activating the Fire Towers you are more than welcome.

Stay Tuned for more!!